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My research interests lie in the application of new technologies within business, education and society and the associated disruptive innovation and culture change that is required for effective implementation. There are many opportunities for HE institutions that are prepared to embrace the new possibilities for research and teaching offered by technological developments, rather than be left behind by over-reliance on business models from the last century. This change is evidenced in recent initiatives by the Wellcome Trust and the UK government towards enforcing open access to research findings. The objective of my research is to investigate such opportunities and then help to put them into practice.

I have increasing concerns about the ethics of publishing in closed journals that may not even be freely accessible to our students paying large course fees, let alone to any interested external parties where other forms of impact might be made. The Cost of Knowledge protest, in seeking to bring about significant change in academic publishing, is an interesting case study (as reported by the Guardian’s Academic Spring article last week). There are also obvious practical considerations because the lead times associated with publishing in closed journals make a nonsense of researching a rapidly developing area.

I have been very much *inspired* by my current research into open and social scholarship. From now on I will not be carrying out any new work (writing, editing or reviewing) for closed journals, although I will of course meet my obligations on work in progress. I have joined (currently 16) other Southampton researchers and 9,665 people globally who have signed up to Cost of Knowledge, and I will post a link to this explanatory post from that website. Over the summer I will be focusing my efforts on the SMiLE project which is developing into a major inter-disciplinary initiative and is committed to open access for its outputs.

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